Jay Mandyam

Stand-Up Comedian

Contact: godhatesjay@gmail.com

Jay Mandyam

Jay Mandyam was pushed into doing stand-up comedy by one of his college professors at the age of 19. Ever since then, he has not stopped. Jay has performed at clubs and colleges all over the nation, and worked with national headliners including his comedic idols Christopher Titus and Paul Reiser. He has participated in festivals such as The World Series of Comedy, Laugh Your Asheville Off, and The Laughing Skull festival. Jay's comedy focuses on himself, his life, and his relationships with people, and growing up a minority in the south. Jay recently completed his first feature film, The Ali-wood Shuffle. In addition, Jay was a writer on Russell Brand's TV show and The CBS Diversity Showcase. Currently Jay is working on his one-man show "Serendipsh*tty" with Christopher Titus and founder of The Comedy Cellar, Billy Grundfest.
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